The Krug Park Beer Society's Guide to Enjoying Draught Beer

Presented by Krug Park

Why does it matter?

At Krug Park we believe that the perfect craft beer experience isn’t complete without the use of the proper glassware. This isn't a belief unique to Krug Park, but one universally held by brewers the world over. Many times a beer will be crafted for a specifically designed glass, which is often chosen for its unique design attributes. These attributes can affect the pour and taste of your beer in many different ways.

In addition to knowing which glassware should be paired with which beer, we pour it with dignity, respect and love.

Remember! Before a drop is poured...

Spritz the glass!

Rinsing your glass with a fresh, high-pressured splash of water ensures that it is cleansed of sanitizer residue, which ultimately helps with head (foam) retention. This does not affect the temperature of your beer, rather it simply enhances the experience and illustrates that your bartender cares deeply about the quality of your pour.

16 Ounce Pour.

The pint glass was never intended for average beer use, but rather for shaking cocktails. However, it has proven to accent the flavor profile of specific beers (especially session style beers) and has become the most common style of draught beer glassware in use today.

While you'll see us pour a delicious Brown Ale, India Pale Ale or Amber into this glass, you'll also see use it for its original use: the shaker!

Typical Styles: Most American craft styles, including: India Pale Ale, Stout, Pale Ale, Wheat, Amber Brown Ale, Porter, California Common & various other seasonals.

8 Ounce Pour.

This stemmed glass is actually the precursor to the classic brandy snifter. Derived from Scotland’s traditional “thistle glass”, originally used for Scotch Ales, this glass hosts a bulbous shape that captures the beer’s aroma and powerfully releases it upon consumption.

This glass is commonly used at Krug Park and many other beer-focused establishments.

Typical styles: Belgian IPA, Belgian Pale, Gueuze, Lambic/Fruit, Saison, American Wild, Quadrupel, Spiced Cider, High ABV beers or rare & extreme.

17 Ounce Pour.

Hefty and striking with an iconic handle, the mug is a favorite amongst those who love a good, sturdy glass for a cheers with friends. The Seidel is the German mug, pictured here, while a Stein is the stone equivalent which traditionally features a lid, the use of which dates back to the Black Plague to prevent flies from dropping in.

We pair the handled mug with our German beers to give them that old-world Germanic flair. Large and robust, the handled mug proves that you’re serious about the beer of your choosing! So to that, PROST!

Typical Styles: Lager / Dunkel, Dopple Bock, Pilsner & Marzen (Oktoberfest).

8 Ounce Pour.

While most commonly used for brandy or cognac, the snifter is a wonderful compliment to beer for the strong aromas, dense flavor and effervescent characteristics it provides. Your sense of smell is responsible for almost 80% of your taste profile, so the snifter’s ability to amplify the beer’s aroma makes for a heightened and relaxed drinking experience. We invite you to take your time with this glass and enjoy the aroma’s evolution throughout your drinking experience.

The customer favorite Delirium Tremens will always be poured into a snifter or style very similar. What a perfect pair!

Typical styles: Imperial Stout, Barleywine, Belgian Strong, Belgian Quadrupel, Spiced Beers, Fruit Beers, High ABV or highly effervescent or rare & extreme.

17 Ounce Pour.

Nothing beats serving your Weizenbier (German wheat beer) in an authentic Bavarian Weizen Glass. With its tall and slender shape, this glass allows for much more headspace than your average glass. Be sure to forgo any lemon garnish with this style, as the citric acid will kill the usually gorgeous head.

The Weizen also gives you a tall perspective of the great color these beer styles can give -- whether an egg yolk color or a soft brown to amber hue. It also tends to have a bulb toward the top to capture aroma and give the beer a sense of class.

Typical Styles: Heffe (Wheat), Heffe Dunkel (Dark Wheat), & Weizen Bock.

2 Ounce Pour.

At Krug Park, we know that the vast and complex world of beer can be intimidating. That’s why we would love for you to sample any of our fine draught beers that you may be curious about. Our samples are not served in the typical shot glass, rather you’ll receive your sample in a small brandy snifter. This is our standard to ensure that you get a full nose of the beer you are previewing, in addition to a crisp taste performance.

8 Ounce Pour.

This beautiful glass resembles the average wine glass, which you’ll usually find with a buttery Chardonnay. The Goblet is characteristically used for certain Belgian styles such as Orval or Rochefort. The big, open headspace allows the beer’s full aroma to fill your table, not just your nose. You’ll find that the usually delicate effervescent notes are more immense and dominant in the Goblet than in the intimate snifter or tulip.

Typical Styles: Belgian Dark, Belgian Strong, Biere de Garde, Farmhouse, Wheatwine, Wile Ale & many Trappist Ales.